Welcome! My name is Jason and I compose orchestral music. 

Here you may download PDF scores, MuseScore/Logic Pro projects, lossless audio, and any other content related to my music.

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Original Music        Arrangements

Gathering Of The Nobles (Epic Procession)

For Orchestra  

Released April 2023

22.2+bclar.0.2altosax.1barisax / 2220 / pno.2perc / str 


A Monumental Triumph

For Jazz Band

Performed in Dec 2022 by the Chinese International School Hong Kong Jazz Band

1100.2altosax.1tensax.1barisax / 0110 / 3guit / glock.pno.drmst / 2bass


Equinox Medley

For String Quartet

Performed in July 2022 by Semiosis Quartet




For Bass Clarinet and Vibraphone

Performed in July 2022 by Gleb Kanasevich (Bass Clarinet) and Matt Carey (Vibraphone)

bclar / vib


Someone's Song

For Solo Piano

Performed in July 2022 by Yoko Hagino